We aren’t scared! In a world where so many strive to stand out and be drastically different, why be scared to express yourself? Ever wanted to yell FU at a co-worker, friend or family member at the top of your lungs? With Off-Color Fun Wear and our amazing line of high quality FU accessories, we will get you half-way there… every time!

I had a buddy ask – do those FU accessories make for great gifts? What the hell do you think…? Of course they do! In fact, we think that you will be hard-pressed to find any gift that could rival the power of our off color accessories. Saying it with flowers is nice. If you want to be remembered forever, say FU!

So you might ask… “Who would want something that says FU all over it?”  A very valid question. If you are reading this page, then we would  like to go ahead and thank you for your business, because anyone who takes the time to read our “about” page is definitely buying something.  Beyond that, we have made a list of people that we think may be deserving of a tie or keychain, or a ring, of maybe even a dog collar for their canine friend. These people may or may not also be deserving of a great big FU. We will leave that part up to you!

  • Your Husband
  • Your Wife
  • Your Son
  • Your Daughter
  • Your Dad
  • Your Mom
  • Your Brother
  • Your Sister
  • Your Uncle
  • Your Aunt
  • Your Cousin
  • Your Boss
  • Your Landlord
  • Your Hairdresser
  • Your Accountant
  • Your Lawyer
  • Your Friend
  • Your Enemy
  • Your Mechanic
  • Your Teacher
  • Your… oh you get the idea!!!
    Go buy something already!!!

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